She's Back!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

So here we go again my dears..

Once upon a time little old Baylee had a little store front that sold sweet little bunches and stuff, weddings weren't really on the radar.

That was until i closed said little shop and began working elsewhere (because.. bills) and then I met some awesome people that recommended me as a pretty good wedding florist and well legends, Here we are!

So this is me, a creative with a lust for life and a caffeine addiction.

And a passion for all things wedding and events.

Here ill be posting about all things Bayleaf and wedding related goodness with little insights into the blue eyed, fluffy blonde haired girl behind the bouquet.

Just like the fine words by one hell of a boss bitch, Thelma Plumb

"don't keep a good girl down"

I'm on a mission to keep my creative passion alive and to pretty up weddings all around this gorgeous place called the Hunter Valley.

Keen? yeah, me too.

So like the sound of what i'm on about? Hold on because i'm in for a wild ride.

xx Baylee

Pictures of my mug courtesy of Hungry Hearts co

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